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Neveah is a continent of racial bias and animosity. Most of the gods encourage their followers to hate those who are different. This strategy works well for the gods, except in the United Empires of Rashendii. Rashendii was a war torn no man’s land for more years than anyone can remember. Every race was sending men to fight over this land and no one really knew why. Recently a young woman appeared and brought peace to the land now known as the UER. Short as a dwarf, sophisticated as an elf and charismatic as a human; she convinced each of the armies to lay down their weapons, defy their leaders, forsake their homelands and build a new and better country. A country where all races are treated equal and everyone gets a vote. Lillian Adair established the first ever republic on the continent of Neveah.

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United Empires of Rashendii The only republic and home to all races
Solana Home of the Sun Elves
Astara Home of the Star Elves
Lunula Home of the Moon Elves
Nezumi Land of the nomadic Halflings
Passeris Home of the dark skinned metal mining Dwarves
Zahra Home of the gem loving Dwarves
Brion Home of the civilized Humans
Aponi Nova Home of the druidic Humans
Ari Home of the tribal desert Humans
Panya Home to the inquisitive Gnomes
Kahr Home to the barbaric humanoid races (orcs, goblins etc.)
The Dead Lands Home only to death and devastation.

The Pantheon Of Neveah


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