United Empires of Rashendii

Rashendii is a newly formed country that not many others know about. Many of the other countries still believe that their warriors are waging a never battle in that no man’s land. A few have sent messengers to the land trying to get some news of how the war is going but the messengers never return and they assume they have been killed. In reality Lillian, King Elect of this new nation has set up a strong border patrol. The patrol is not there to keep people out, but to convince them to put aside their prejudices and become a citizen. So far most have agreed and do not wish to return to their homeland. A few have sent word to their families to come and join them. They have never enjoyed so much peace and freedom as when they entered the land of Rashendii. Even if they have trouble putting aside their differences they do not have trouble shaking off the shackles and rules of their homeland. In Rashendii there is no caste system. Even the lowliest stable hand can become the leader of a city if he can raise enough support.

Rashendii is run as a group of city-states. Each city having their own elected officials and laws. They are free to do whatever they wish as long as it does not conflict with the national constitution of bill of rights which are posted in every town hall. There are several smaller villages that are still run by town elders instead of elected officials but even they adhere to the constitution. There are still racial fights that sometimes break out as everyone is still trying to get over old prejudices but a night locked up to sober up usually fixes the problem.

Rashendii’s national and local armies are strong and well trained since Rashendii is pretty much the armies of the known world. Many sent for their families to join them but quite a few did not. As a result, the men way outnumber the women.


City-States of UER

Sherlock The capital of UER
Marble City

United Empires of Rashendii

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